Mark Stear, who has been EJOA’s first full-time Executive Director, will be leaving the organization as of July 31, 2023. Mark, who is known to our membership as a very affable fellow and is always considerate and sincere, spent most of his career in aircraft sales. Uniquely, he was an aircraft salesperson with an Aeronautical Engineers’ Degree. He always brought unique perspective and knowledge to technical questions. Mark most enjoyed his many years in sales and wants to continue his career doing what he enjoys. We thank him for his service to EJOA and wish him well as he joins jetAVIVA. Mark and I have become very good friends and I will do all I can to support him in the future. His departure from EJOA has been most graciously approached and he has set the stage for a successor very nicely.

As far as EJOA is concerned, having a full-time Executive Director has proven not only timely, but extremely helpful. We are dedicated to supporting our members, owners, and sponsors as well as engaging positively with Embraer, our OEM. We seek to make your experience flying (and owning) Embraer Executive Jets as positive, economic, and safe as possible.  We have made significant progress in several areas and are on track for our next Annual Conference in Salt Lake City in Spring 2024.

In the meantime, we intend to seek a full-time professional for the Executive Director position at EJOA.  We are prioritizing experience in both association management and conference planning/execution. Familiarity with aviation is desired but not a requirement for the candidate who has a proven record in the aforementioned areas. We are going to take our time to find the right person, and to that end, may engage a temporary office person to be sure when you reach out, your needs are met. 

We have already established a permanent office in Cincinnati, so our initial focus will be in this market, but we are open to the relocation needs of someone who wants to move here.  Our accounting and legal representation are also here. However, in the very short term, there will be three people stepping in to support your needs, as listed with contact info:

Paula Schweinhart (EJOA assistant): [email protected] 513-407-8011

Nicole Raje (my personal assistant): [email protected] (513) 823-1558

Myself:  [email protected] (513) 260-4900

Please also note EJOA’s NEW phone number is (513) 505-6113. Nicole will be answering this number until a new Executive Director is in place.


David B. O’Maley

President, Embraer Jet Operators Association