Improve the experience of owning and operating your Embraer Executive Jet!

Our primary purpose is to be additive to your Embraer Executive Jet ownership and hopefully make that experience better and safer.

As your advocate, EJOA works with Embraer, its suppliers and other industry leaders to influence the economics of ownership and operation in a positive way, to offer the resources and motivation to improve the safety of your operation, and to improve the efficiency and pleasure of owning and operating an Embraer Executive Jet.

The Benefits of Membership

Advocacy - A collective voice representing your interests and concerns with Embraer and its supplier

Assembly - Invitation to our annual conference to learn the latest from our suppliers and fellow members on safety, training, maintenance and other relevant topics, plus memorable social time with other owners and operators.

Access - Exclusive website access for our online forum, contact information for manufacturers and suppliers including a directory of product and service providers as well as fellow owners and operators

Advantage - Many of our product & service partners also offer discounts and other benefits available only to EJOA members.

Accuracy - We strive to share accurate and timely updates regarding the latest news from and about Embraer Executive Jets.

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Membership Eligibility

Owner - Individuals who personally own at least 25% of a Qualifying Aircraft.

Corporate Flight Department - The flight department of a business operating one or more Qualifying Aircraft.

Product or Service Provider - Owners, managers or employees of a business providing products and/or services for Qualifying Aircraft.

Embraer Personnel - Employees of Embraer Executive Jets or its listed subsidiaries who has been approved by Embraer for membership.

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