Annual Conference -

A key benefit of EJOA membership is the opportunity to participate in our annual conference.  This conference typically occurs in late spring and is scheduled contemporaneously with Embraer's annual operators conference.  Locations vary from year to year with the goal to provide an accessible and attractive venue that is convenient for our 'fly-in' attendees as well as those arriving by commercial air. Back-to-back scheduling for both EJOA and Embraer conferences allows the attendees to benefit from peer level interaction, educational presentations as well as manufacturer's and supplier's updates all in a single three to four day period.

Other Events -

From time to time, we also present opportunities for additional social and educational gatherings.  These may include seasonal getaways focused on recreation and social activities as well as smaller, regional conferences for your convenience.

Click on the Events tab above to learn more about past and future EJOA events.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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