New Horizons: EJOA Welcomes New Executive Director

Letter from EJOA President, David O'Maley

I am pleased to announce that EJOA has a new Executive Director. Jamie Rogers, who joined us as of Monday, September 11, brings a wealth of experience in dealing with Association and Event Management to our mission.

As reported to you, Mark Stear resigned from the Association effective July 31. Upon notice of his resignation, your board and I undertook a search for a qualified and experienced person to manage the business and responsibilities of the Association. We are quite obviously an aviation association, but the day-to-day functions of the Association have much more to do with things like optimizing the benefits of the Association to our members, making sure the website is additive to our interaction in a way that enhances our affiliation, and, perhaps most importantly, handling the myriad of tasks and responsibilities surrounding our annual meeting. It is probably a true statement to say that two-thirds of the work and importance of the Executive Director’s efforts are focused on our annual meeting, leaving the other third on the remaining tasks of the position. Experience at working with various venues and functions associated with such a meeting are major issues for us and for our members. Jamie has substantial experience, and more importantly, a very successful record of overseeing these kinds of things. She has experience in magazine publishing, venue management of all types, and finally, a wealth of experience in the entire spectrum of event planning and management. We believe we are fortunate to have her working with our Board of Directors and membership to help EJOA truly move forward, grow, and develop as an association.

If you ask her about her aviation experience, she will no doubt be very frank in sharing this is a new and learning experience for her. I am excited at the prospect of seeing her grow in that knowledge, and to that end, we are going to give her a very broad orientation to allow her to gain some insight and perspective about the world all of us enjoy, or rather love, so much. I believe she is anxious to learn, and this will be interesting and exciting for her. She will be shadowing a number of people in our flight and maintenance operations as an initial orientation.

I have asked Jamie to write a letter to our membership introducing herself to you. I think this will be the most effective way for you to learn a bit about her. You will get to know her more over these next few months, and importantly, at the annual meeting in Salt Lake City where you can say hello to her in person. 

Jamie, we wish you all the best. Your Board of Directors, and, I am betting, several members, will be looking forward to welcoming you personally.


David, President

Letter from EJOA Executive Director, Jamie Rogers

I am thrilled to be joining the Embraer Jet Operators Association as the new Executive Director. It is my goal to help continue to grow the Association and provide our members with easily accessible resources, up-to-date information and member-exclusive perks. I will strive to find new opportunities to heighten your experience as a valued member of EJOA.

Formerly, I served as the Executive Director of the Peterloon Foundation, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit and event venue. During my tenure, we were able to develop a successful marketing plan, increase sales by more than 1,000 percent and create new opportunities to amplify Peterloon’s mission to serve the nonprofit community. In prior years, I planned and executed several large-scale events and conferences. I worked hand-in-hand with clients to develop marketing strategies and materials, and spearheaded new business development.

I am a Cincinnati native and have enjoyed raising my family here. My husband, David, and I have two sons, our sweet-hearted, clever and adventurous 4-year-old, Augustus, and our intelligent, creative and talented 18-year-old international student, Colin. Colin joined our family three years ago and we went from inexperienced parents of a toddler to equally bungling parents of a teenager. It has been a fun journey watching them grow up and I am so proud of them both.

Cooking is my passion and mental relaxation. I love how delicious cuisine can build community and tell a story about another person’s culture and life experiences. I attempt physical fitness by playing volleyball and chasing my child, I like the fall because I love watching football, and I have an unusually large collection of teapots. Thank you for taking the moment to learn a little about me, and I am looking forward to getting to know each one of you.

I am enthusiastic about serving such a robust community and learning how EJOA can best provide for its members. I welcome any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve the safety of your operation, and your experience and joy of owning and operating an Embraer Executive Jet.


Jamie Rogers, Executive Director


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